Capital Raising

Uhusiano Capital offers an innovative approach to raising capital for exceptional projects and/or companies. With deep and well-entrenched experience in the impact investment community, we open doors and act as a bridge to both impactful companies/projects looking for capital and to investors who are seeking unique opportunities. Our objective to both our investors and our clients is to be your partner and serve as an additional member to your team.

Strategic Marketing Services

Within the impact investment space, Uhusiano Capital provides both strategic marketing solutions and impact investment advisory to support companies that require assistance in navigating through the requirements of the impact investment community. We provide strategic recommendations for a company’s growth and development into the African continent to make the most meaningful impact including developing comprehensive marketing campaigns aimed at raising the capital required for development and growth.

Deal Flow Origination

Uhusiano Capital’s vast network allows us to support investors, whether well-experienced in impact investment or new to the impact/alternative investment space. We identify some of the most talented and undiscovered managers and projects in order to achieve their investment objectives. We are committed to ensuring our investors are rewarded from both these perspectives: financial and social/impact gains.